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Vogue La Vie | About Us
Vogue La Vie | About Us

Our Story

Hi there! My name is Lauren, and I would like to introduce myself and my little family and express our gratitude for who you are supporting when you choose to shop Vogue La Vie. 

Growing up, I loved anything and everything glitzy and glam, and I could almost always be found with a baby on my hip! Fast-forward to now, and I am truly living the life of my dreams. In addition to owning VLV, I am married to my incredible husband, Raymond, and the momma to our two rambunctious boys, Beckett and Etley, who I am privileged to homeschool.

Located in the heart of Cajun country, combining my love for fashion with my deep French roots felt only fitting when I came up with the name for our store: Vogue La Vie, the French translation to fashionable life!

Paired with unmatched customer service and modest prices, our curated collections at VLV truly make a fashionable life attainable for women of all ages.

Vogue La Vie has been an immeasurable blessing to me. I am incredibly grateful for the supportive community I've found in our customers and the young ladies I work alongside.
We are more than just a boutique—we are a family. 

There is no denying the hand the Lord has had in the growth and success of VLV. We cannot wait to see where this journey takes us, and we are honored to have you along the way! 

I pray that the light of the Lord shines through Vogue La Vie. In all we do, we aim to bring honor and glory to Him! 

Thank you, and have a blessed day,

Vogue La Vie | XOXO Lauren
Vogue La Vie | XOXO Lauren